Bijna verschenen: Street Food Vietnam


Tweet Nog héél even en mijn tweede boek, Street Food Vietnam, komt van de drukker! De diashow hierboven geeft een eerste indruk. Alléén deze week (t/m vrijdag 28 maart) is het boek nog met korting te bestellen, daarna geldt de reguliere prijs. 

Sweet chè ba màu: Vietnamese street food

Traditional Vietnamese sweet dish: chè ba màu

Tweet Walking through Vietnamese cities, I love to see couples-in-love enjoying a colorful chè, a dessert soup or pudding and very sweet! People call it the three colour drink and it’s traditionally made from mung beans, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, tapioca, jelly and fruit (longan, mango, durian, lychee or jackfruit). You’ll get the bright green […]

Photo of the Month | November 2013


Tweet [DUTCH] Nog altijd druk bezig met het afronden van ons tweede boek in de serie: Street Food Vietnam. We hópen het voor kerst gedrukt te hebben en dat betekent nog een paar weken keihard werken. En heel veel Vietnamees eten! Deze foto is van gisteren, de voorbereiding voor cà ri gà (Vietnamese kipcurry) die ik […]

Photo of the Month | October 2013

Ward in local hospital, Lai Chau Province | Vietnam


Photo of the Month | August 2013


Tweet Enjoying early morning breakfast in a small restaurant at a local market in northern Vietnam. The recipe will be given in Street Food Vietnam, second book in the series! To be published later this year [in Dutch first].

Photo of the Month | May 2013

Muóng Té, Lai Chau Province | Vietnam

Tweet Two boys. Their first time in a local hospital in Muòng Tè (Lai Chau Province, Vietnam). Both of them were brought to the hospital by their father. The boy in the front was carried by his father, who walked for two days to reach us. His son misses upper thighs as a result of which […]

Appels & nagellak: Street Food Vietnam in voorbereiding


Tweet Afrekenen op de markt is nog niet zo makkelijk als je zeer slechtziend bent. Want hoe onderhandel je over de prijs van een kilo appels als je doof bent en nog niet goed kunt liplezen? In een omgeving waar niemand gebarentaal kent en voorzieningen voor slechtzienden ver te zoeken zijn? En toch zul je […]

Photo of the Month: December


Tweet Just returned from Vietnam, where I spent some time in our (Duniya Foundation supported) rehabilitation centre in Lai Chau, home to 51 handicapped children. I worked on Street Food Vietnam, our second book in the series and about which more later. Here a young boy with Down syndrome is having his lunch. He is new […]



Tweet   Today we visited Páng’s mother in a remote village in the province of Lai Chau (Vietnam). Her mentally handicapped daughter of six stays in our rehabilitation centre (sponsored by Duniya Foundation) and Páng’s mother misses her. She was crying, but relieved when I could show her that Páng is doing really well. Those […]

Photo of the Month: February


Tweet An elderly Red Yao (Son Dao in Vietnamese: ‘the red waxed heads’) woman is being helped wearing her turban: three layers of red cotton decorated with pompons (or French 20-cent silver coins, when for ceremonial use). Women in this community shave off their eyebrows and foreheads, traditionally a sign of beauty. The women in […]

Photo of the Month: December (slideshow!)

Portrait of child(ren) at Duniya supported Rehabilitation Centre

Tweet I just returned from Vietnam where, apart from supporting the eye surgery of a group of children, I visited the Duniya supported rehabilitation centre in Lai Chau. A home for 45 blind, deaf, cerebral palsy or in other ways handicapped children. A place where they play, eat, receive physiotherapy, medical care, special education and […]


A happy girl, Lai Chau | Vietnam

Tweet This girl is totally deaf and a student at our school in Lai Chau, Vietnam (supported by Duniya Foundation). Need I say more?

Before and after


Tweet This is one of our patients. A H’Mong girl from a very small village in the mountains of Lai Chau. When posing for me, she looked very serious, but she was really happy with her new eye. If you click the photo below, you will first see a snall version. Clicking it again will […]

Seventeen new eyes today


Tweet As described before, we are in Vietnam to visit our rehabilitation centre and to organize ‘artificial eyes’ for a group of children. In the meantime, we have been here for a week and spent long days travelling to remote villages in the mountains, visit our patients, join classes in our centre,  and shared dinner […]

Subscribe2: test message

Ethnic minority family in Lai Chau | Vietnam

Tweet Sorry to bother you with a test message, but I am preparing a journey to Vietnam (reason) and my WordPress Subscribe2 plugin stopped sending email messages. I really need my blog to work at this point, so I am trying to find the solution… Hope you’ll receive this message: it would mean I solved […]

A new eye, at last.


Tweet In October this year, Duniya Foundation financed the eye-surgery of 22 children in the Vietnamese mountain town Lai Chau. At that time, we could not help all of those who came to us for screening: some of them had problems (tumors) too complex for the medical team to handle. [Read more under the photo, […]

Busy building online Vietnam archive


Tweet Working really hard to have my Vietnam archive online soon. Combining my activities for Duniya Foundation and photographing in several ethnic minority communities, resulted in a rather unique collection. All images will be available for publications, as prints etc. and part of the profit will be used to set up a medical fund for […]

Photo of the Month: October


Tweet NOBODY’S BOY? What do you do when your mother lies in a hospital bed and your father is busy? Right! You muster up your courage, pick up the two small red buckets provided by the hospital staff and you join the queue at the soup kitchen, patiently waiting for your tun to receive the […]

Photo of the Month: September


Tweet He knew that our project focusses on the surgery of handicapped children (Duniya Foudation), but he begged us to help him too: a grown-up man with a severe cleft lip (schisis). He felt so ashamed, life was hard. Then, in his village in the mountains, he heard a voice on the radio telling about […]

Streetfood: Cháo gà (chicken rice soup) from Vietnam


Tweet One of the projects I am working on for several years now, is streetfood, a collection of photos and recipes of food prepared by the ‘common man and woman’ I meet during my travels. Simple food I eat in the homes I have been invited to, or at the small road stalls when on […]

Photo of the Month: July

H'Mong Women in Vietnam

Tweet Two Flower H’Mong (Hmong Lenh) women wait while their children are screened for surgery (see Duniya Foundation). The H’Mong who live in the northern mountainous villages of Vietnam emigrated directly from the Chinese provinces of Guizhou, Guangxi and Yunnan. The traditionally colourful H’Mong skirts are made of an indigo-dyed cloth with decorations made by […]

Photo of the Month: April


Tweet A young father carries his son into the very basic operation room where Dr. Hung is waiting to perform the surgery. Duniya Foundation is financially supporting these operations, organized by Dong An from the Hanoi based NGO Center II, Direct Support for Disabled Children. As a photographer and member of Duniya Foundation, I spent […]