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Photo of the Month | December 2013


Tweet I have recently joined Care for Kosovo Kids (CfKK) as a photographer, in order to support their important work to provide cytostatic drugs (chemotherapy) for children in need in Kosovo. Just like the others from this foundation,  I work on a voluntary basis and CfKK can use my work for free in order to promote their […]

Photo of the Month: December (slideshow!)

Portrait of child(ren) at Duniya supported Rehabilitation Centre

Tweet I just returned from Vietnam where, apart from supporting the eye surgery of a group of children, I visited the Duniya supported rehabilitation centre in Lai Chau. A home for 45 blind, deaf, cerebral palsy or in other ways handicapped children. A place where they play, eat, receive physiotherapy, medical care, special education and […]

A new eye, at last.


Tweet In October this year, Duniya Foundation financed the eye-surgery of 22 children in the Vietnamese mountain town Lai Chau. At that time, we could not help all of those who came to us for screening: some of them had problems (tumors) too complex for the medical team to handle. [Read more under the photo, […]

Photo of the Month: April

Discussing school matters in between classes at Duniya Education ;-)

Tweet At our school Duniya Education, we appreciate students speaking up when something bothers them…  So in between classes, you may encounter children discussing school matters next to the bathtub that functions as washing place for hands and lunch plates.

The milkman’s daughter

the milkman's daughter in March 2011

Tweet In 2008, I photographed the milkman’s daughter Deepika (Rajasthan, India) and promised the family that as soon as her photo would sell, she would earn too, an agreement we put in a (model release) contract which was ‘signed’ by her (she used her thumb and ink), countersigned by the father and me. The little […]

Operation Vietnam


Tweet In Lau Chau Province (Vietnam), Duniya Foundation supports the surgery of children from poor ethnic minority communities. The families often travel for days from their remote villages in the mountains, and hope for medical help. Hundreds of children were succesfully operated and their problems varied from orthopedic trauma, to burn scars, urological problems, and […]

Then, and now


Tweet These photos, published in the bi-monthly magazine India Nu (‘India Today’), are part of a larger series and is still expanding. I often return to the people I portrayed earlier and give them their photo. Sometimes, this was the first picture they ever possessed of themselves. Holding their photo, I portray them again. A […]

We did it!


Tweet As a photographer of the project, and as member of Duniya Foundation, I am so proud to let you know that yesterday, our Lai Chau Rehabilitation Centre opened officially. Of couse, we will soon tell and show  you much more on our Duniya website (totally renewed soon!) but for now I am happy to […]

Photo of the Month: August


Tweet Plural this time, for I want to show you more than just one photo. We (Dong An, our Hanoi based Vietnamese counterpart, our surgeons and Duniya Foundation) are planning the surgery of another 100 children by the end of November. Preparations are already being made and local health workers try to list and organize […]

World Cup South Africa: they forgot to send me!


Tweet Yes, I admit, when I see the world press gathered for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, all those photographers with their huge zoom lenses and equipment, I am a bit jealous. I would have loved to photograph there as well. I am experienced, you know! Shot two ‘alternative championships’ in the past […]

Burns: 60 children undergo an operation


Tweet Apart from being a photographer, I spent a lot of my time to working as volunteer for Duniya Foundation. We have projects in India and Vietnam. Right now, 60 children with severe burns undergo surgery in Lao Cai in North-Vietnam. My photos are used for fundraising purposes. I portray children with ailments. These can […]

Photo of the Month: April


Tweet A young father carries his son into the very basic operation room where Dr. Hung is waiting to perform the surgery. Duniya Foundation is financially supporting these operations, organized by Dong An from the Hanoi based NGO Center II, Direct Support for Disabled Children. As a photographer and member of Duniya Foundation, I spent […]